OTD is a specialist aquatic refurbishment company based in Melbourne.

We have been involved in the rejuvenation of many of the country’s major facilities as well as newly built centres and parks.

OTD provides all services required to undertake any sized project, from design consultation to demolition, preparation and structural changes to entire fit-out completion, ready for opening and public use.

We are passionate about providing our clients with the most suitable outcome for their needs.

We understand aquatic facilities and their requirements and understand the need for fit for purpose materials to ensure the centres longevity.
LSV is a great organisation.

After being involved in the aquatic industry for this length of time you start to understand how important their role in the industry is. Safety is the most important aspect of aquatic facilities with the vast majority of patrons being under the age of ten.

We have worked collaboratively with LSV on numerous occasions to identify and rectify potential safety issues within many facilities, with an outlook to mitigate potential risks, and to help improve safety from a construction perspective.

Sponsorship is a great way to support LSV. Providing assistance to the organisation is a great way to show our appreciation to the staff whilst also contributing to necessary training and awareness campaigns.

We look forward to assisting LSV to achieve its safety targets in 2022.